Mid-American Specialized Transport was acquired by Paula Joyner in July 2009 with one truck and one contract. The firm’s expansion plans are based on long-term relationships with experienced transportation companies, as well as expanding our customer base with Fortune 1000 customers that value our “performance first’ attitude as a minority-owned carrier and logistics provider.

Ms. Joyner brings a unique combination of skills to this enterprise. Her background includes the Air Force (with command responsibility for squadron logistics), followed by a decade of financial analysis and strategy (including investment banking and debt-restructuring experience) and development of transportation software products. In addition, she has served as the chief operations officer for firms in the publishing and retail industries, giving her hands-on insight into the challenges of both a manufacturer and distributor.

Ms. Joyner is focused on providing an operational team with commitment and an understanding of a customer’s mission and the ability to execute as a top-tier service provider.