Safety: Safety and accident prevention are a direct responsibility of each manager, employee and contractor. MAST sees safety as a moral obligation and a sound, unwavering business practice. Our safety record reflects our values.

Capacity Flexibility: Your peak needs are addressed by re-assigning our own assets, or when necessary, we can rely on pre-selected relationships with outsourced transportation providers to meet your peak needs.

Customized Solutions: Integrate, Coordinate and Communicate: We study your service requirements and existing logistics to arrive at solutions that satisfy your need for a balance of:

  • a) price
  • b) ease of service
  • c) reliability of service

Then, we mutually review the custom-planned solution to ensure fluctuating capacity requirements can be met with pricing parameters in mind. We keep your team fully informed. The best execution requires integrated planning and open communication.

Citizenship and Environment: Mid-American Specialized Transport has achieved the highest ranking of SmartWay Partners, because MAST is serious about protecting our environment, reducing fuel consumption, and improving our air quality for future generations.